Word from the Classicats Breeder

Hi, welcome to Classicats Cattery homepage, home of the Sacred Birman. My name is Jeanne le Roux and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please take time to look at all the links and view the lovely photos of my birmans. Information regarding the birman breed and cat issues in general will be uploaded on my website regularly.

"Classicats Cattery" was established in 1998 and is registered with the SACC - "South African Cat Council".

Over the years I have imported birmans to improve my breeding program. Currently I breed the following point colours : seal, blue, chocolate and lilac (solid points and tabby points).

My Birmans are my pride and joy and breeding is strictly a hobby to me and is very fulfilling. I strive to breed healthy kittens, with loving personalities and always try to breed as close as possible to the birman breed standard.

My cattery is FIV and FeLV negative. Every attempt is made to provide my Birmans with the best care and living conditions and they are all treated as our pets and are part of our family.

For more information about the cattery follow this link.